Hats, Booties and Blankets

Hats, Booties and Blankets are donated to the hospitals we support to bring warmth and comfort to preterm and critically ill infants and their families.  Volunteers make items sized for infants weighing from 1lb up to 11lbs.   

Hats and Booties


  • 6-8lb and 3-5lb size are the most needed
  • Fewer 1-3lb and 9-11lb size hats and booties are needed
  • Refer to our Measurements Guide for size guidelines

  • Colors

  • While pink and blue remain a favorite for parents, fun colors and patterns are in great demand
  • We need more boy hats than girl
  • Hats should stretch easily

  • Booties

  • Booties should be made from a pattern that is not holey
  • Although booties are not required with each hat, a matching set or hat and booties makes a wonderful memento of the NICU stay.

  • Greatest Needs

  • Hats for holiday donations! These include Easter, Valentine Day, 4th of July, Cy-Hawk Challenge (UI vs ISU football),  Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Refer to our Event Calendar for important mail-by dates

  • Crafting Guidelines

  • Any pattern may be used as long as the crafting guidelines are followed
  • Please visit the “Volunteer” section of the website for information on sizing, yarn requirements and patterns

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    Blanket Guidelines

  • Blankets may be knit, crochet, sewn, tied fleece or quilted
  • Tied Fleece Blankets: Use two pieces of fleece that are 1 1/3 yard each. The blankets need to be large enough to cover an incubator. Click here for a great pattern.
  • Quilts: Should be large enough to be used for “Tummy Time” when the baby goes home.
  • Knit and Crochet blankets: Should be no smaller than 30 in x 30 in.
  • Sewn blankets: Use about 42 inches of two coordinating pieces of soft colorful flannel. That will make a blanket that is about 40 X 40. Click here for a good tutorial.
  • Bereavement/Christening blankets: White knit and crochet blankets are needed for Bereavement/Christening packages. They may be sized from 15 in up to 40 in square.
  • Tiny Miscarriage Blankets: Knit and crochet blankets, sized 8-10 inches square, for miscarriage packages.  Colors should be gender neutral - white, cream, pale yellow, pale green.


    For all crafting “For the Babies”, be sure to refer often to our Crafting Guidelines and Measurements Guide

    Any pattern may be used for hats, booties and blankets as long as the crafting guidelines are followed.  Please visit the “Volunteer” section of the website for information on sizing, yarn requirements and patterns. 


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