The Preemie Project Bereavement Division recognizes that the loss of a child is a profoundly sad experience. We seek to provide solace to families who are grieving a loss by providing bereavement remembrance items.

Items Needed for Infant Bereavement Packages

Bereavement Crafting Guidelines

Bereavement Garments


Yarn Choices

Fabric Choices

Other Guidelines

Sizing a Gown or Sleeper

When sizing a gown or sleeper, please refer to our Measurements Guide. Measure the chest first, because the chest measurement places the gown in the correct size range (ie. 1-3lb, 3-5lb, etc). Once you have the correct size range, check that the sleeve length and garment length are also within that size range. A bit longer is always better than too short.

Bereavement Blankets


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