Little Babies by John Batchelder

John Batchelder

John Batchelder

I don't write a lot of songs but when I get an idea, it generally happens pretty fast.

Watching Tracy turn her newly developed knitting skills into tiny hats and booties seemed fun and challenging for her and each day I was eager to see what new item had been completed. I was also interested to see the project expand into blankets and was happy to see my wife enjoying working so hard for such a good cause.

I remember the first time I realized how special this work was and looking back it was also at this time that the germ for the song began to grow. Hats and booties were cute and fun, but when Tracy made the first bereavement gown I got a big lump in my throat thinking about how special something like that would be at such a time of loss.

I spent many hours over the next few months thinking about the work Tracy and others across the country did for the babies and their parents - people she had never met nor would likely never meet. I have a long commute each day and was also traveling a lot on Southwest airlines and even though I listen to the radio my mind often would find its way to the Preemie Project volunteers and the impact that their work would have on those whose lives were suddenly turned upside down.

I was on a flight from Houston to Salt Lake City when the words for "Little Babies" began to take shape in my mind. Usually, when I write a song, I'm playing my guitar and the words just start coming together. This time I wrote the whole song without a guitar anywhere near me and added the tune later.

I could tell Tracy liked the song the first time I played it for her and not long after I was able to do a home recording. I wanted it to express to her how I felt about all the hard work she did and how special it was. For me, the song says exactly what I want and singing it allows me to apply an emotional component not possible in any other way.

I am so proud of Tracy and all the Preemie Project volunteers and I hope the song inspires others to work for the "Little Babies".

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