Thank You Letters

The following are thank you letters sent to The Preemie Project by families who've received our items. We hope that our volunteers know just how much their hard work means to the infants and families we support. Thank you to all of our volunteers!

Brandi & Tony Hood (Waterloo, IA):

Brandi & Tony Hood (Waterloo, IA):

Kaden, 1-year-old

Preemie Project Volunteers,

It was so great to meet some of you at the Volunteer appreciation dinner. I was so looking forward to meeting many of you and you all meeting my precious Kaden, but he was unable to attend - He was in the hospital with RSV so Daddy stayed with him and mommy came. It was important for me to come and tell you how much I appreciate the work you guys do and what it has meant to our family. I went into premature labor with Kaden on Christmas Day 2005 and this is where our journey with prematurity starts. It was a roller coaster from day one. I cannot tell you in words how it feels to not know if your baby will live or die from one day to the next. You just have to hope, in the NICU sometimes that’s all you have to cling to. There were good days and there were bad, for us we were lucky we had more good than bad. To go to Kaden’s bedside and find these small packages with hats and booties for his tiny head and feet made things a little sweeter. They helped put a smile on our faces when we needed one. These gifts have become such wonderful keepsakes for us too. We will use them in the future to show Kaden just how small he used to be. We have three different sizes too so we can show him how he grew.

One day we will also tell him all about your group and how there is a great group of volunteers that knit and crochet and raise money for babies just like him to have a better journey in the NICU and beyond. We will also have some wonderful videos to show him as well - the news videos from being a part of the Preemie Project news stories on KCRG. Someday our little boy will know just how special he is and we will make sure he knows just how special your group is as well. Thank you for all you do and it does mean so much to families; I know it did to mine!

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