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Laura Bolton

My name is Laura Bolton and I sew blankets and crib sheets for the Preemie Project. My husband and I live in Pleasant Ridge, MI and we have a son who lives in Houston, Texas.

Two years ago I found the Preemie Project on the internet. I was so amazed at the drive and ambition of Laura Aker and wanted to join this organization. As luck would have it, there was a chapter in my own state—so I became part of the Michigan chapter which is run by Jan Berry.

The talent and creativity of each volunteer in this organization is just incredible to me. I love reading the emails and blog to see how everybody is looking for a new pattern or adjusting a pattern to fit a tiny little one. I love to see the creativity come alive when I look at the pictures. Every item is made with love, care and individuality.

I truly believe that God gave me this talent to help others in need. I cannot imagine the worry and heartache that these families go through when their little one is born prematurely and so ill. Therefore, I find it a privilege to pray for the families and the medical staff as I make a blanket or crib sheet.

I feel that the Preemie Project has given each of us a chance to use our talents and let the families know how much we care for them during a time that is so overwhelming and challenging. I hope that this organization will continue to grow and impact people through the gifts of our hands.

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