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Sue Bates

In February 2006 I was reading the local newspaper and saw an old coworker and her family were the area March of Dimes Ambassador family.  Her son was a preemie twin born in Feb. 2004 and his sister made it for a month when they lost her.  Seeing this picture made me get on the internet and search for anyway to make the tiny hats all newborns need to regulate their body temperature.  That is when I found The Preemie Project.  I got excited to see it was in Iowa, being in North Central IL I thought hey that is close enough.  I signed up right away and started knitting as soon as I got the appropriate yarn.  I was asked to donate my items to the Michigan Chapter as it was just starting out.  So I’ve been knitting and crocheting ever since.  I try to find new and different hats to make and my knitting skills have greatly improved over the last couple of years.

I live in Ottawa, IL right in the middle of the Preemie Project chapters.  I have a wonderfully supportive husband and 2 grown sons and 3 stepson’s two of which live with us.  My husband got a kick out of my name after we married realizing I have knitting items with my name on them.  I joke it’s like being a baker with the name Betty Crocker.  I work full time for the Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development as a Technical Assistant.  I like to knit at my lunch hour at a local lake, very peaceful and stress relieving.  I enjoy the speed that hats are finished, being small they are great take along projects.  I also like to hike our beautiful state parks when I do put my needles down.

I enjoy the sense of community we have amongst the volunteers.  I lost my 12 year old niece in a tragic accident Thanksgiving weekend.  I want to say thank you to everyone for supporting me through a very difficult time.  Sara was an eager learner who had just finished her first scarf and wanted to learn how to make more for the seniors in a nursing home up the street from her house and when she got better make Preemie Hats with me.  If any one would like to donate squares or lapghans using up your “non baby” yarn, you can get more info on how to help at  I never would’ve known how to even dream of making her wish come true if I hadn’t signed up to be a volunteer for Preemie Project.  I’m thankful to be a part of this wonderful family of giving people.

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