Kathleen Plond and Cherie Warner

Featured Volunteer Kathleen Plond and Cherie Warner

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Kathleen Plond and Cherie Warner

January’s Michigan Volunteer Spotlight shines this month on two terrific women who have recently agreed to coordinate the Michigan Chapter of TPP.  Cherie Warner and Kathleen Plond bring unique creative talents sprinkled with wonderful humor and fun.  Their creative spirits and dedication are noteworthy.  Spend a moment getting to know these two extraordinary women.

Cherie Warner has been married for 27 years with two sons. One has graduated from college, lives in New Jersey and works in Manhattan,  Her second son is a college sophomore in Boston.  Left at home are her four cats.  She has been a life long crafter, sewing, knitting, crocheting and cross stitching.  Add to those talents her part time assistantship to her Church’s Music Director, her role as Director of the Children’s Choir, her singing and flute playing and her spare time spent reading and gardening and you have one very busy woman.

Kathleen Plond has been married for 19½ years with a 16 year old daughter, Ashley, a Junior in High School, and a 12½ year old son, Brandon in 7th grade.  Her household also boasts a dog and a cat.  Kathleen is now a third grade teacher having “graduated” to third grade with the same second graders she taught last year.  She teaches in the after school tutoring program three days a week and is the Secretary for her daughter’s Choir Booster Club.  With all of those commitments, she finds time to knit hats and sometimes blankets and hopes to resume sewing teddy bears for bereavements if Santa can find time to fix her out-of-commission sewing machine…or maybe bring her a new replacement.

Each of these women came to TPP through online searches.  Cherie was looking for someplace to donate her baby hats knitted to use up her yarn stash and was attracted to our Michigan chapter.  Kathleen was looking for something to engage her hands and mind after completing her master’s classes.  She loved how quickly preemie hats knit up and thought it was some small payback for her preemie daughter’s time spent “under the lights” years ago.

Our Michigan co-chairs knit in their spare time to relax and keep busy.  Kathleen knits on weekends and when watching games or movies on television but also when she is stressed.  She forces herself to knit 2 or 3 rows before she takes that first sip of wine.  Cherie loves to start her day in her knitting chair, cup of coffee at her side watching a Turner Movie Classic and to end her day in that same knitting chair with a beer and a Red Wings hockey game on television.

Cherie enjoys making items for little ones, anticipating the smiles that will be on the faces of moms and dads.  She often promises to make a blanket for donors who give her yarn.  Blessed with God given ability to be able to craft creations, she strongly believes that she should give back in some small way.

Kathleen gains a little selfish pleasure from her involvement with TPP.  When she is knitting, she isn’t eating or drinking and she is relieving stress.  As a Michigan contact person, she relishes a different role from those of mother, wife and teacher that occupy much of her time.

What a pair of fascinating women who have stepped forward and agreed to lead the Michigan chapter.

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