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These guidelines were developed to meet the needs of the hospitals we support


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The Preemie Project seeks to provide comfort and support to critically ill infants and their families in Newborn Intensive Care Units in Iowa.

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2018 Winter Holiday Donation

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Thank you to everyone that sent in such very cute Winter Holiday Hats, Booties and costumes for our Winter Holiday Donation to Iowa NICUs!

1-1.5 lb: Goal: 20


2-3 lb : Goal 45


3-5lb: Goal 100


6-8lb: Goal 100


9-11lb: Goal 35


updated 12/11/2018

Latest News

The nurses at St. Luke’s Center for Women and Children in Cedar Rapids had a great idea for Nurses’s week. They invited the SuperHero Initiative to visit Pediatrics and the NICU. The Preemie Project was called upon to help make the event extra special for the NICU. TPP volunteers graciously sewed and donated cute superhero bedding for this event. We also donated Superman, Batman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman Capes and masks for the hospital’s tiniest patients. Thank you to everyone that … read more

TPP does NOT donate regular hats to Iowa NICUs. The hospitals we support request that we only donate Holiday/Special donation hats and costumes. The only hats we need from volunteers are Holiday/Special Event hats or hats for bereavement purposes. If you enjoy making hats, be sure to watch our EVENTS CALENDAR for all the latest news about upcoming special/holiday donations. TPP does not donate blankets of any kind to Iowa NICUs. The only blankets we ask volunteers to make are knit or … read more