Knit Dresses for Infant Bereavement

Sizes Needed:

All sizes 1lb up to 9-11lb. More of the smaller sizes are always needed

Colors Needed:

White or solid pale pink. NO BRIGHT OR DARK COLORS

Crafting Guidelines:
  • Soft baby yarn is preferred
  • Use DK weight or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn
  • Use solid color yarn only in the knit gowns. Do not use multiple colors in any gown
  • Dresses must be long enough to flow over the feet. Refer to our  Measurements Guide.
  • All dresses must be open all the way down the back and close with a couple soft ribbon or yarn ties.
  • All dresses must have at least a partial sleeve.
Requested Patterns:

RoseBud Preemie Dress by Carol Minnis

review/updated 02/9/2018