Donations of Wedding Gowns Not Needed

The Preemie Project has a group of seamstresses that sew infant burial gowns from donated wedding dresses. At this time we enough gowns to keep us busy sewing for quite sometime. If you are interested in donating your dress, make sure you are signed up for our email list. We will include in a newsletter when we are needing more donated gowns.

Bedding donations for 2017

Thank you to everyone that so generously made and donated to our annual NICU bedding drive. TPP elves are busy making donations of cute colorful bedding to Iowa NICUs.  Donations are planned for University of Iowa Children’s Hospital NICU, St. Lukes and Mercy in Cedar Rapids, Blank Children’s and Mercy in Des Moines, Trinity in Bettendorf, Genesis in Davenport, Unity Point Allen in Waterloo.

We collect bedding all year; so if you still have fabric in your stash or find that you have an overwhelming urge to shop the sales, you can send bedding to us anytime.  Read all about how to make the bedding on the NICU Bedding Program page

Crochet Octopuses Not Needed

There is an article on the internet going viral right now. “People are crocheting octopuses to help premature babies”. The Preemie Project does NOT need donations of these crocheted octopuses for several reasons:

  1. Because of recommendations for “Safe-Sleep” practices, The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital NICU and other Iowa NICUs will not accept any stuffed animals or blankets to be given to families for use in the NICU and take home.
  2. The other reason to not allow stuffed animals with the infants is because of infection control concerns for babies that are often very sick and susceptible to infections.

Thank you to everyone that sent this idea to us. We always encourage you to bring new ideas to us that you see. We are always on the look out for the next cute item for Iowa NICU babies.

Changes for 2017

In a continuing attempt to make sure that we are donating what is needed and will be used, there will be a couple changes in 2017

We will NOT be donating regular hats to Iowa NICUs. We will only donate our Holiday/Special Event hats or hats for bereavement purposes.

Many individuals now take knit and crochet hats directly to the NICUs; the need for TPP to donate regular hats has been too sporadic. This results in huge overflows at TPP headquarters that have become increasingly difficult to deal with. But, our special holiday hats are a HUGE hit with the families in the NICU. If you enjoy making hats, be sure to watch our EVENTS CALENDAR for all the latest news about upcoming special/holiday donations.

We will NOT be donating blankets of any kind to Iowa NICUs.

The only blankets we ask volunteers to make are knit or crochet blankets for bereavment purposes. Colors needed for those blankets are solid white, solid light pink or solid light blue (baby blue). Sizes needed are 15 inches x 15 inches up to 36 inches x 36 inches. We have a HUGE need for blankets for bereavement purposes.

In an effort to combat sudden infant death syndrome, most Iowa NICUs have stopped taking donations of blankets in order to model safe sleep practices. We currently have one hospital now that accepts blankets for their babies. That hospital receives blankets from many other sources in addition to TPP. We tend to become overrun by more blankets than can be stored easily.

Because we are a small organization, we just do not have the help to constantly find homes for overflow items. We appreciate your help and understanding.