Developmental Hearts


Developmental Hearts are fabric hearts that are sewn or serged using two pieces of baby or children’s print cotton, flannel, fleece or minky fabric. The hearts are offered to parents when their child is admitted to the NICU. Mom’s and Dad’s wear the hearts against their chest for several hours. The hearts are placed in bed with their baby. The familiar scent of mom or dad stays with the baby when they cannot be at their child’s bedside. This promotes bonding and infant development.

Finished size of the heart is from 6.5 inches wide up to 7.5 inches wide. Most hospitals prefer the 7.5 inch heart.

We have prepared a simple pattern for the heart that can be found HERE.


**The Preemie Project is in need of hearts in boy patterns and colors that have minky fabric on one side and flannel or cotton on the other side. These heart should be the full 7.5 inches wide. Print pattern at 100%**

There are many groups and hospitals that are begging for donations of the hearts. We have a list of hospitals and groups that have asked to have the hearts sent to them. You can find that list HERE.

This is a great project for sewing groups, 4-H, church or MOPS groups.


If you work in a hospital that would like to receive the hearts from our volunteers, just email us with a contact name and the address the hearts should be sent to and we will add you to the list. It is helpful if you tell us the size of your NICU so we have an idea as to the need.