Infant Bereavement


The Preemie Project Bereavement Division seeks to provide solace to Iowa families that are grieving the loss of an infant. We do this by providing bereavement clothing and remembrance items.

We provide packages to Iowa hospitals that request them. The packages include an outfit, tiny diapers, hat/headband, booties, blanket, tiny memento bracelet and a sympathy card.

To request infant bereavement supplies for your Iowa hospital, please email

The following is a list of items that we ask volunteers to make for our infant bereavement packages. Click on the links below for more information about crafting requirements for each item

Knit Sleep Sacks
Early Loss Buntings
White Hats and Booties
Knit and Crochet Blankets for Infant Bereavement Packages

General Crafting Guidelines for Infant Bereavement items.

Knit or crochet items including blankets, gowns, hats, booties must be made from a pattern that is not excessively holey. A very lacy pattern should not be used.

Gowns should be long enough to cover the feet

Booties must be easy to put on the tiny foot.  Be sure that you bind off very loosely so the opening can be stretched.

Dark or Bold colors are never used for infant bereavement items.  Ideal colors include baby blue, light pink, cream, pale green and white.

DO NOT use “Lemon Yellow” for any bereavement item.

Do not use variegated yarns for infant bereavement items.

Do not add stripes of color or multiple colors to any item. Simple is best for this sad time.

Reviewed/Updated:  07/27//2020