Infant Bereavement


The Preemie Project Bereavement Division  seeks to provide solace to families who are grieving the loss of an infant by providing bereavement clothing and remembrance items.

We provide packages to hospitals we support that include an outfit, tiny diapers, hat/headband, booties (when appropriate) and blanket. We also include a tiny memento bracelet and a sympathy card.

The following is a list of items that we ask volunteers to make for our infant bereavement packages:

Knit Sleeper Sacks

Sizes Needed: Most needed are 1lb, 2-3lb, 3-5lb sizes. Less of the 6-8lb and 9-11lb sizes.

Colors Needed:  3/4 of the sleepers should be solid pale pink or solid pale blue. 1/4 of the sleepers need to be white, pale solid yellow or pale solid green

Crafting Guidelines:

  • To size a gown, measure the chest first; the chest measure places the gown in the correct size range. Check that the sleeve length and garment length are within the correct size range. Refer to our Measurements Guide.
  • Soft baby yarn is preferred. Worsted weight yarn is too heavy for bereavement items.  See our List of Suggested Yarn
  • Use solid color yarn only in the knit gowns. Simple is best for bereavement.
  • The sleep sack should open all the way down the front and close with buttons, not ribbon.
  • Please bind off the sleeves very loosely so it is easier to get the tiny hand through the opening.

Requested Pattern:

Knit Sleep Sacks by Marcia Williams

Sewn Bereavement Gown

Sizes Needed: More of the smaller sizes, 1lb, 2-3lb, 3-5lb, are needed; less of the 6-8lb and 9-11lb.

Colors Needed: These gowns are made with soft flannel fabric using small prints such as tiny polka dots, stars etc. Colors must be pastel, subdued colors. No dark or bright colors. Pink and blue are still a favorite with families.

Crafting Guidelines:

  • The gown should be made from soft flannel.
  • Line the gown with the same flannel as the outside of the gown or white flannel.
  • Please use small subdued prints (polka dots, stars).

Requested Pattern:

Bereavement Bunting/Gown and Bonnet Instructions

Bereavement Bunting/Gown and Bonnet Pattern

Knit Dresses

Sizes Needed:  All sizes 1lb up to 9-11lb. More of the smaller sizes are always needed

Colors Needed:  White or solid pale pink. NO BRIGHT OR DARK COLORS

Crafting Guidelines:

  • Soft baby yarn is preferred
  • Use DK weight or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn
  • Use solid color yarn only in the knit gowns. Do not use multiple colors in any gown
  • Make dresses  long enough to flow over the feet. Refer to our  Measurements Guide.
  • All dresses must be open all the way down the back and close with a couple soft ribbon or yarn ties.
  • All dresses must have at least a partial sleeve.

Requested Patterns:

RoseBud Preemie Dress by Carol Minnis

Burial Gown by Lenore English

Gown for Baby Born Asleep

Early Loss Buntings

Sizes Needed: For every 3 buntings you make, please make two (2)of the small buntings  and one (1) large size

Small Bunting:  total length 8.0 – 8.5 inches

body width 7 inches

hood length 3 inches

Large Bunting:  total length – 10 to 10.5 inches

body width – 8 inches

hood length – 3.5 inches

Colors Needed: pale pink, pale baby blue, light green , white, cream. Pastel variegated yarns are acceptable for the buntings.

Crafting Guidelines:

  • Buntings must be lined with soft flannel in tiny pastel prints like stars, polka dots, hearts. Do not use  “character prints
  • Ties in the bunting may be a crocheted yarn chain or a ribbon tie.
  • Use DK weight or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn

Requested Patterns:

Knit Burial Bunting – Touching Little Lives, adapted for larger size by Velda LaCoste

Crochet Burial Bunting – Warm Hearts Warm Babies

Memento Bracelets

Sizes Needed: All sizes needed from 1 lb up to 9-11lb. More of the smaller sizes are needed than the larger sizes

Colors Needed: Use white or ivory pearl beads.

Requested Pattern:

Infant Memento Bracelet

Teeny Tears Diapers

Teeny Tears is a service organization that provides tiny flannel diapers to hospitals and bereavement support organizations for families that have suffered the loss of a preemie through stillbirth or NICU loss. We have been very fortunate to receive these tiny diapers for our infant bereavement program.

To begin making the diapers for The Preemie Project or to otherwise volunteer for this wonderful organization, please go to the Teeny Tears website for information.

Sizes needed:  The Preemie Project  needs 1/2 of the diapers in the smaller size and 1/2 of the diapers the larger size.

Colors needed: The hospitals we donate to request that the diapers be made with flannel in tiny, subdued prints such as tiny polka dot, stars, hearts etc. We also need fewer numbers of diapers made from solid color flannel diapers in pale shades of pink, blue, white, cream to pair with gowns made from wedding dresses.

Crafting Requirements:

  • Do not use any cartoonish character fabric for any bereavement item. Tiny subdued prints such as polka dots, hearts, stars etc are requested by the hospitals we donate to.
  • Please see the Teeny Tears website for detailed instructions on sewing the diapers.

Hats and Booties

Sizes needed:  Hats as small as 6 inches around are needed for very early loss. That size hat would fit over a large egg. All other sizes needed a up to 9-11lb size.

Colors needed: 1 lb up to 11 lb hats should be white, light pink, pale blue. At least 1/2 of the hats and booties for bereavement should be plain white. The hats for very early loss are needed in white and pale colors of green, yellow, pink and blue. (the size to fit over an egg).

Crafting Guidelines:

  • These hats must be very stretchy and easy to put on the tiny baby.
  • Make sure that booties have a wide stretchy opening so they are easy to put on the baby.
  • Do NOT make bonnet style hats.
  • Please refer to our Measurements Guide when sizing hats and booties.
  • Use DK weight or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn

Suggested Patterns: You are free to use the pattern of your choice; here are a few suggestions.

Michelle’s Preemie Booties and Hat

Stay On Booties

Bev’s Baby and Micro Preemie Ribs NOTE: The micro-preemie pattern is perfect for very early loss.

Carissa Knits: Preemie Hats for Charity

So-Soft Preemie Hat-crochet version

So-Soft Preemie Hat – knit version

Knit and Crochet Blankets

Sizes Needed: All sizes from 15 in x 15 in up to 36 in x 36 in.

Colors Needed:   At least half of the blankets need to be solid white.  The other half needed in solid light pink and solid light blue

Crafting Guidelines:

  • Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. Use DK weight or lighter. See our List of Suggested Yarn
  • Soft baby yarn is preferred
  • Use solid color yarn only. Do NOT use variegated yarns.
  • Do not use a pattern that is excessively lacey. It should be able to cover the child well.
  • Finish the blanket with a nice border to make the blanket special.

Suggested Patterns: You are free to use the pattern of your choice; here are a few suggestions.

Elegant, Simple Baby Blanket

Knit Baby Blanket

Alex’s Baby Blanket

Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Burial Gowns from Wedding Dresses

The Preemie Project has a group of seamstresses that sew infant burial gowns from donated wedding dresses.  At this time we enough gowns to keep us busy sewing for quite sometime.  If you are interested in donating your dress, make sure you are signed up for our email list.  We will include in a newsletter when we are needing more donated gowns.