Buntings for Early Loss

The item most requested by the infant bereavement programs we support is a tiny knit bunting for early losses.  The bunting is knit or crocheted and lined with flannel.  Both the body and hood of the bunting should be lined.  The bunting is closed using a crocheted yarn chain or ribbon.

Sizes Needed:

Small Bunting:

total length:  8.0 to 8.5 inches

body width:   7 inches

hood length:  3 inches

Large Bunting:

total length: 10 to 10.5 inches

body width: 8 inches

hood length: 3.5 inches

For every 3 buntings you make, please make two (2) of the small buntings  and one (1) large size

Colors Needed

Pale pink, pale baby blue, light green, cream, light gray.

Pastel variegated yarns are acceptable for the buntings.

NO dark or bold colors

DO NOT use “Lemon Yellow” for any bereavement item.

If the yarn or fabric lining has ANY pink, purple or peach, most nurses will consider it to be for a girl. 

We need equal numbers of boy, girl and neutral colors.

White is NOT the best color for lining the buntings. It would be better for the lining to have some color in it so the stains do not show so badly.

Reviewed/Updated: 06/14/20

Crafting Guidelines:

Use DK weight yarn or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn

Line buntings with soft flannel. Fabric with tiny pastel prints like stars, polka dots, hearts is best.

Do not use  “character prints for lining the bunting.

Flannel lining may be hand sewn or machine sewn onto the bunting.

Ties for the bunting may be a crocheted yarn chain or a ribbon tie.