Knit Sleep Sacks

Sizes  needed:

The biggest need is for 1-1.5lb, 2-3lb and 3-5lb. We need fewer of the 6-8lb and 9-11lb sizes

Colors Needed:

3/4 of the sleepers should be solid pale pink or solid pale blue. 1/4 of the sleepers need to be white, cream or pale solid green. The best yarns to use are Bernat Softee Baby or Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight .

Crafting Guidelines:
  • To size a gown, measure the chest first; the chest measure places the gown in the correct size range. Next, check that the sleeve length and garment length are within the correct size range. Refer to our Measurements Guide.
  • Soft baby yarn is preferred. Worsted weight yarn is too heavy for bereavement garments.  See our List of Suggested Yarn. This pattern was written for Bernat Softee Baby. The pattern works best with that yarn or Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight.
  • Use solid color yarn only in the knit gowns. Simple is best for bereavement.
  • Please knit the pattern as it is written. Do not add cables or other intricate stitches. A simple pattern is best for bereavement.
  • The sleep sack should open all the way down the front and close with buttons, not ribbon.
  • Please bind off the sleeves very loosely so it is easier to get the tiny hand through the opening.
Requested Pattern:

Knit Sleep Sacks by Marcia Williams


Reviewed/Updated 5/26/2018