Miscarriage Blankets

The Preemie Project supplies Miscarriage Packages to The University of Iowa Women’s clinic, Labor and Delivery and other Iowa units that request the package. The package includes a tiny knit or crochet memento blanket, a sympathy card, tiny baby feet charm and votive candle

The miscarriage package is intended for women that suffer a loss before the child is big enough to be viewed, held and dressed. The tiny blanket serves as a memento of the baby that was lost.


Sizes Needed

Miscarriage blankets should be from 8 inches x 8 inches square up to 9 inches x 9 inches square.

Crafting Guidelines

  • Use the very softest baby yarn you can find.
  • Yarn should be of DK weight or lighter. Baby yarn is best. Worsted weight yarn is not appropriate for these tiny items.
  • Use a pattern that is pleasing to look at. A plain stockinette knit stitch or double crochet blanket is not appropriate.
  • Sewn blankets are not used in these packages.

Colors Needed

The blankets should be solid, gender-neutral colors such as white, cream, very light green or very light yellow.

Do not use yarn that has ANY pink, purple, peach, or blue in it.

Do not use ANY dark colors.

Suggested Patterns

Tiny shell Crochet Miscarriage Blanket
Simple Waffle Pattern Knit Miscarriage Blanket
Little Hearts Miscarriage Blanket
Knit feather and fan Miscarriage Blanket