Christmas/Winter Holiday Donation

We need your help to bring Holiday Cheer to Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Iowa.  Participating is simple.  Pick your favorite winter or Christmas holiday hat and/or bootie pattern. Items may be knit, crochet, or sewn.

The Preemie Project donates festive hats and booties to help brighten up the holidays for the families.  We are hoping for Santa hats, Christmas tree hats, Grinch Hats, Elf, Gingerbread men, and more.  These special holiday donations have become very important events for the NICUs.  The nurses love dressing the babies up and taking pictures to surprise the parents.

Santa Ha  –Crochet
Christmas Hat by WoolWindings – Knit
Preemie Baby Santa Hat by Sandy Davis – Knit
Grinch Hat  – Crochet
Penguin Hat by – Crochet
Gingerbread Hat by  – Crochet
Crochet Reindeer Antlers by – Crochet
Snowman Hat by – Crochet
Snowman Hat#2 by – crochet
Snowman Hat -knit

We’ve also created a Pinterest Board to gather inspiration.

As always our Crafting Guidelines and Measurements Guide apply.


We are hoping to bring this donation to as many NICUs as possible.  The more items we receive, the more hospitals we can support!

Hat and Bootie Sets:
1-1.5lb   30 sets
2-3lb     45 sets
3-5lb     100 sets
6-8lb     100 sets
9-11lb   35 sets

Mail or drop your donation off at the following address by Monday, December 7th, 2020

The Preemie Project
2607 Flagstone Court
Coralville, IA 52241

Happy Crafting!


Boo In the NICU

For many years, we’ve been creating “baby pumpkin patches” in Iowa NICUs for Halloween. In the past couple years we have expanded this to include costume hats, booties, cocoons and other NICU sized cute dress-up items.  In addition to pumpkin hats and booties, we will be asking volunteers to make Halloween-themed hats and booties and “costumes” for the babies! Ideas for “costumes” includes Disney themed, Animals, Witches and Ghosts, Frankenstein Hats, etc. This is one donation where our volunteers can be as creative as they want.  Last year we had butterfies, dragons, superhero capes, witch capes, mermaid tails……The sky is the limit.

Items may be sewn, knit or crocheted.

If you have an idea for a costume and need help figuring how to size it for the little ones, please Contact Us and ask for help.

NOTE: This is the one donation of the year that we request booties for all the hats.  If you do not make booties for any other donation, please consider making them for this one. They complete the costume.

Patterns and Guidelines:
Click here for holiday pattern ideas we have collected on our Ravelry Page.  Many of these are already sized properly for preterm and newborn infants.

We are also collecting ideas on our Pinterest Board. Click here to view it now.

If you need help finding an appropriate pattern, please Contact Us and ask for help.

Donation Goals:
We are hoping to bring this donation to as many NICUs as possible.  The more items we receive, the more hospitals we can support!

Costume Sets:
1-1.5lb   20 sets

2-3lb   40 sets

3-5lb   90 sets

6-8lb   90 sets

9-11lb   40 sets

Please put your items in the mail by Friday, October 13th, 2017
Mail Items to:
The Preemie Project
2607 Flagstone Court
Coralville, IA 52241

Items may also be left on the front step at the above address. Please include your name and email address so we know who to thank

If it is more convienient, items may be dropped off at a Donation Center.

This donation will be made to the hospitals we support on or around October 31st, 2017. Let’s make this Halloween particularly “Cute and Spooky”!

Ghosts and Goblins and Witches, Oh My!!

NICU Bedding Workgroup

Please join us for a relaxing day of sewing “For the babies”!. We will need both sewers and non-sewers.

What: The Preemie Project NICU Bedding Workday

WHEN: Saturday March 25, 2017
8:30: Setup
9:00 – 4:30 pm: Workgroup
4:30 pm-5:00 pm: Cleanup

WHERE: Solon Public Library
320 N. Main
Solon, IA


We have a LOT of work to get done We have piles and piles of fitted and flat sheets to sew.  Would you consider coming to help?

We will be having a potluck lunch

If you plan to come sew with us, please let us know by signing up on our SignUp Genius Form,