NICU Family Support

Preterm infants might spend weeks to months in the hospital.  The extended hospital stay can put most families under financial stress. The mission of The Preemie Project Family Support Program is to help ease the financial burden associated with having a critically ill infant in the NICU. 

Some support, like gas cards, is provided during the NICU stay.  But, most support is given in the form of baby care items at the time of discharge.

The items donated are those that are requested by the NICU Social Workers. They make up going home packages for the families according to what the needs are. All items are ordered and shipped directly to the hospital.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed tremendous financial strain on Iowa families. The need for donations for our family support program has grown rapidly. Please help us support Iowa NICU families by ordering items from our “Family Support Wish List” .

The Preemie Project Family Support Wish List

Reviewed/Edited: 01/29/2021