Family Support

Often preterm infants spend weeks to months in the hospital.  This can place most families under financial stress. The purpose of The Preemie Project Family Support Program at The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit (UICH NICU) is to help ease the financial burden associated with having a critically ill infant.  Some support, like gas cards, is provided during the NICU stay.  But, most support is given in the form of baby care items at the time of discharge.

We are in need of donations of the following items for our family support program:

Pak N Plays – new only

Sheets for Pak and Plays – or they can be sewn using our NICU Crib Sheet Pattern

Formula: Neosure / Enfacare (for preemies) or Enfamil /  Similac Infant (regular formula)

Bottles and Nipples Avent 9oz or Dr. Brown 8 oz are preferred (new only)

Footed Sleepers (snap front is preferred):  Size Newborn, 0-3M and 3M (Greatest need is for 0-3M)

Blanket Sleepers: Purchased Halo Swaddle Sleep Sacks (size Newborn or small) or sewn from our Sleep sack pattern (6-8lb and 9-11lb size only needed)

Diapers: Newborn and Size 1. Pampers brand is preferred.

Baby Wipes: non-scented, tubs preferred over refills

Note:  We do NOT need any clothing items besides what is listed above..

Note: We can only donate NEW items to UICH NICU. If you send used clothing, they are donated to one of the overseas missions that we support.

Note: Any preemie size clothing we receive is donated to a medical mission in Jamaica.

Reviewed/Edited: 01/01/2020