Urgent Needs

The following is a list of items and supplies we urgently need. This list is current and was last updated/reviewed on 06/19/2017.

Please email us with any questions you have.

Hats and Booties:

NEWBORN SIZE RED HATS for our 2017 donation to The American Heart Association.  See our calendar of events for more information. We are hoping to receive 500+.

Black/Gold and Cardinal/Gold hats booties and bedding for our  2017 Cy-Hawk Challenge donation to Iowa NICUs.

Developmental Hearts:

The Preemie Project is in need of developmental hearts that have minky fabric on one side and flannel or cotton on the other side. These heart should be the full 7.5 inches wide.   Our biggest need is for boy pattern fabrics and colors. We have prepared a simple pattern for the heart that can be found HERE. Print pattern at 100%.

Family Support:

Pack n Plays:  New only. We have an urgent need for at least 10 basic pack n plays.

Snap front Sleepers and Onsies:  Sizes – Newborn and Size 0 – 3 month

Pampers diapers: Sizes- Newborn and Size 1

Formula: Neosure, Enfacare, Enfamil and Similac Advance

Note: We do not need any clothing besides sleepers and onsies

Infant Bereavement Items

Knit or crochet blankets :

Colors needed: WHITE, PALE PINK AND PALE BLUE (solid color only). We need at least 1/2 of the blankets to be WHITE.

Sizes Needed: The most needed sizes at this time are the 25×25 inch and 36×36 inch. All sizes are needed from 15×15 inch up to 36x 36 inch.

Knit sleepers:

Colors needed: pale pink or pale blue.

Sizes Needed: 2-3lb, 3-5lb and 6-8lb. 

Pattern: Sleep Sack Pattern by Marcia Williams

Knit or Crochet Buntings:

Colors needed: light baby blue is the most urgently needed color in the smaller size (8 inch total length); For larger size (10.5 in total length): all colors in pale pastels are needed

Sizes Needed: Biggest need is for the smaller size in boy colors and the larger size in all colors.

Patterns:  knit bunting pattern ; crochet bunting pattern

Tiny Blankets for Miscarriage Packages:

Sizes Needed: Tiny blankets should be sized from 8 inches x 8 inches up to 9 inches x 9 inches square.

Colors Needed: The blankets should be solid, gender neutral colors such as white, cream, very light green or very light yellow. Do not use yarn that has ANY pink, purple, peach, or blue in it. Do not use ANY dark colors.

Booties for bereavement packages:

Colors needed: At least 1/2 of the booties need to be plain white; Lesser amounts needed in light pink, pale blue;  

Sizes Needed: The most needed size at this time are 2-3lb, 3-5lb, 6-8lb. 

Hats for our infant bereavement packages:

Colors needed: Solid White, light pink, pale blue;  At least 1/2 of the hats need to be plain white

Sizes Needed: All sizes from 1 lb up to 11lb.  More of the smaller sizes are always needed

Patterns:  See our pattern page for suggestions

Hats for very early loss:

Colors needed:  white, pale green, pale yellow, pale pink, pale blue. Pastel varigated yarn works nicely for these hats. NO DARK OR BRIGHT COLORS PLEASE!

Size needed: As small as 6 inches around for very early loss. That size hat would fit over a large egg. These hats must be very stretchy and easy to put on the tiny baby.

Pattern Suggestion:  Bev’s Micro-Preemie Baby Ribs Beanie.