NICU Bedding

The mission of The Preemie Project NICU Bedding Program is to create a comfortable, non-sterile environment for families in Iowa NICUs with donations of soft colorful sheets for the infants beds.  Initially, infants in the NICU are very critically ill.  As a result, most of the caregiving activities are performed by nursing staff. Being able to choose the sheets for their infant’s bed is often the first and only caregiving act parents are able to perform.

How can you help?

You can help by sewing and donating bedding to help our NICU families create a homelike atmosphere in their baby’s hospital room.

Flat Sheets

Use 1 yard of bright, colorful cotton or flannel; finish the edge by serging around the entire piece or sewing a narrow hem around the entire piece. No cutting required! Finished size of a flat sheet should be about 35 inches x 41 inches.

Fitted Sheets

Use bright, colorful cotton or flannel prints. Find our pattern here.  Brightly colored fun prints are best for  fitted sheets.

Fleece Pads

Use a 22in X 30in piece of solid or colorful print fleece. Serge, or overlay/overcast stitch around edges to keep it from stretching. Here is a great video on how to do a serged edge using your sewing machine. That’s it! NOTE: As of 04/06/17 our biggest need is for solid color fleece pads in all shades of pink and blue. We have received an overabundance of patterned fleece pads.

Crafting Guidelines

  • Cottons or Flannels are acceptable for flat and fitted sheets.  Cottons are preferred because they last twice as long as flannel.
  • DO NOT use pale colors. They will fade to white within one or two washes. Bright, bold colors will stand up to the harsh hospital laundry best.
  • If using flannel fabric, many reds and black patterns will bleed and are not recommended.

Page updated 04/07/17