Knit and Crochet Blankets for Bereavement Packages

Sizes Needed:

NOTE: 11/3/17 We are very well stocked with small blankets for bereavement. At this time, our biggest need is for blankets sized approximately 36x 36in. 

Colors Needed:

At least half of the blankets need to be solid white.  The other half needed in solid light pink and solid light blue

Crafting Guidelines:
  • Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. Use DK weight or lighter. See our List of Suggested Yarn
  • Yarns appropriate for bereavement are those that call for a size 6 needle or G crochet hook, or smaller.
  • Soft baby yarn is preferred
  • All blankets should be solid color, white, light pink, light blue only. Do NOT use variegated yarns.
  • Do NOT use a pattern that is excessively lacey. The blanket should fully cover the child.
  • Finish the blanket with a nice border to make the blanket special.
Suggested Patterns:

You are free to use the pattern of your choice; here are a few suggestions.

Elegant, Simple Baby Blanket -Knit

Knit Baby Blanket

Alex’s Baby Blanket – Knit

Basket Weave Baby Blanket- Knit

Confetti Baby Blanket – Crochet

Spring in to Summer Blanket – Crochet

updated: 11/3/17