Blankets for Infant Bereavement Packages

05/18/20 At this time, we are overstocked on all sizes of blankets for our Infant Bereavement Program.

The Preemie Project includes a size appropriate knit or crochet blanket in packages supplied to Iowa Hospitals for infant bereavement purposes.

How Can You Help?

Help to bring comfort and support to Iowa families grieving the loss of a child by donating knit or crochet blankets made following our size, color and crafting guidelines.

Sizes Needed:

All sizes are needed from less than 1 lb up to full-term newborn. See our Volunteer Measurement Guide for measurements for each size.

Colors Needed:

White is the most needed color.

We need about 1/4 of the blankets to be light pink and solid light blue.

Do NOT use variegated yarns

All blankets should be solid color.

Crafting Guidelines

Use yarn that is DK weight (3 – light) or lighter. See our List of Suggested Yarn

When choosing yarn, it must be very soft.  We love Hobby Lobby Baby Bee Sweet Delight.

Do NOT use a pattern that is excessively lacey. The blanket should fully cover the child. The blanket must be lightweight so it does not overwhelm the tiniest infants. 

A heavyweight blanket will not fit in our packages.

Finish the blanket with a nice border to make it special.

If you crochet blankets, we recommend using a C2C pattern.  Here is a good tutorial.  

Suggested Patterns

You are free to use the pattern of your choice; but we have some very good patterns posted on TPP Pattern Page