Sewn Bereavement Gown/Bunting





In response to the needs of Iowa hospitals, The Preemie Project developed a pattern for a sewn flannel gown for infant bereavement. This gown is made using a double layer of flannel that closes with velcro to provide extra coverage for the fragile infants.

To request infant bereavement supplies for your hospital, please email

How Can You Help?

Purchase soft flannel fabric and sew the gowns. Be sure to closely follow all size, color and crafting requirements for this item. You do not need to add the velcro to the gown. We purchase velcro in bulk and will add it in accordance with the specifications of the nursing staff.

Crafting Guidelines:

The gown should be made from soft flannel. A stretchy cotton jersey is also acceptable

Line the gown with the same flannel/cotton jersey as the outside of the gown or white.

Please use small subdued prints (polka dots, tiny stars, tiny hearts or very subdued baby prints).

Do not add embellishments like buttons or ribbons

Please topstitch in a color close to that of the fabric.

Cartoonish prints are not acceptable for bereavement gowns.

Understated is always best for infant bereavement.

The gown is closed with velcro. If sending the gown to The Preemie Project, you can send it without the velcro and we will put it on in the manner the nurses request.

reviewed/updated: 01/30/20

Sizes Needed:

More of the smaller sizes  2-3 lb, 3-5 lb, are needed; less of the 6-8 lb and 9-11 lb.

Colors Needed:

Colors must be light pastel, subdued colors. No dark or bright colors.

Pink and blue are most requested by families.

Gender neutral colors of pale green and light gray are needed, especially in the smaller sizes.

Requested Pattern:

Bereavement Bunting/Gown Instructions

Bereavement Bunting/Gown Pattern