Sewn Bereavement Gown/Bunting

In response to the needs of the hospitals we support with items for infant bereavement, TPP developed a pattern for a sewn flannel gown. This gown is double layer of flannel that closes with velcro to provide extra coverage for the fragile infants. This pattern has 4 sizes – 2-3lb, 3-5lb, 6-8lb and 9-11lb.

Sizes Needed:

More of the smaller sizes  2-3lb, 3-5lb, are needed; less of the 6-8lb and 9-11lb.

Colors Needed:

These gowns are made with soft flannel fabric using small prints such as tiny polka dots, stars etc. Colors must be pastel, subdued colors. No dark or bright colors. Pink and blue are most requested by families.

Crafting Guidelines:
  • The gown should be made from soft flannel.
  • Line the gown with the same flannel as the outside of the gown or white flannel.
  • Please use small subdued prints (polka dots, tiny stars, tiny hearts).
  • Cartoonish prints are not acceptable for bereavement gowns.
  • Understated is always best for all items for infant bereavement.
Requested Pattern:

Bereavement Bunting/Gown Instructions

Bereavement Bunting/Gown Pattern

reviewed/updated: 02/9/2018