Hats and Booties for Infant Bereavement

The Preemie Project makes up packages for infant bereavement that include a blanket, outfit, hat, and booties.  We ask that hats for these packages be a solid color with a bit of detail in the pattern to make them special.

How Can You Help?

You can help bring comfort and support to families grieving the loss of an infant by knitting or crocheting hats and booties that will be included in our infant bereavement packages.

Sizes Needed:

All sizes of hats are needed from 1 lb up to 11 lb.  See our measurement guide for help with sizing hats.

Colors Needed:

2/3 of hats and booties for infant bereavement need to be solid white.  Other colors needed are solid, light pink and light blue.

Crafting Guidelines:

Hats must be very stretchy and easy to put on the tiny baby.

Booties must have a wide, stretchy opening so they are easy to put on the baby.

Do NOT make bonnet style hats. Hats should be knit or crochet.  

Do not send loom-knit hats or sewn fleece/jersey hats for bereavement packages.

Please refer often to our Measurements Guide .

Soft, pale pastel only. NO DARK OR BRIGHT COLORS PLEASE!

Use DK weight or lighter yarn. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn

Suggested Patterns:

You are free to use the pattern of your choice. We have some very good pattern suggestions listed on TPP Pattern Page.

updated/reviewed: 12/28/2019