Hats and Booties for Infant Bereavement

The Preemie Project makes up packages for infant bereavement that include a blanket, outfit, hat and booties.  We ask that the hats for bereavement be solid color with a bit of detail in the pattern to make it special.

11/3/17 We are overstocked on all sizes of hats and booties for bereavement. If you enjoy making hats and booties, please concentrate on those for our holiday donations.
Sizes needed:

Hats as small as 6 inches around are needed for very early loss. That size hat would fit over a large egg. The tiny hats should be at least 3 inches long so they will fit a variety of sizes.  All other sizes are also needed a up to 9-11lb size.

Colors needed:

The hats for very early loss are needed in white and pale colors of green, yellow, pink and blue. (the size to fit over an egg).

1 lb up to 11 lb hats should be white, light pink, pale blue. At least 1/2 of the hats and booties for bereavement should be plain white.

Crafting Guidelines:
  • These hats must be very stretchy and easy to put on the tiny baby.
  • Make sure that booties have a wide stretchy opening so they are easy to put on the baby.
  • Do NOT make bonnet style hats.
  • Please refer to our Measurements Guide when sizing hats and booties.
  • Use DK weight or lighter. Do NOT use worsted weight yarn. See our List of Suggested Yarn
Suggested Patterns:

You are free to use the pattern of your choice; here are a few suggestions.

Michelle’s Preemie Booties and Hat

Stay On Booties

Bev’s Baby and Micro Preemie Ribs NOTE: The micro-preemie pattern is perfect for very early loss.

Carissa Knits: Preemie Hats for Charity

So-Soft Preemie Hat-crochet version

So-Soft Preemie Hat – knit version

updated 11/3/17