Infant Memento Bracelets



A tiny size appropriate bracelet is included in each infant bereavement package. If you plan to make bracelets, please click on the links below to find the supplies we prefer for these bracelets.

Colors Needed:

Use white or ivory pearl beads. For the crystal beads, pale pink, pale blue or clear are appropriate. We need equal numbers of gender specific and gender neutral colors.

Sizes Needed:

The biggest need is for the less than 1lb, 1-1.5lb, 2-3lb, 3-5lb sizes. We need those sizes in equal numbers. We are overstocked with the 6-8 lb and 9-11 lb bracelets. 

Crafting Guidelines:

Please use the following pattern:

Infant Memento Bracelet

Page reviewed/updated: 01/25/19