Handmade Items Needed by The Preemie Project

These are the handmade items that The Preemie Project asks its volunteers to make and send in. Click on the links for more information about each item.

NOTE: Please do NOT send any items for bereavement other than those listed above. These are the items that are accepted by the hospitals we support

The hospitals we support have specific requirements for their babies. We have been asked to NOT donate the following items for routine use in the NICUs.

  • Blankets – The hospitals we support no longer accept blankets for use in the NICU. The only blankets we have a use for are those for our infant bereavement packages.
  • Cocoons – The hospitals we support do not accept cocoons for regular use in their NICU. The only cocoons we can use are those that are part of a costume for our holiday donations.
  • Sweaters – The hospitals we support will no longer accept knit or crochet sweaters or other handmade clothing items.
  • Developmental Hearts – The hospital we support no longer request the fabric hearts.
  • Regular, plain hats – The only hats we need are those for our holiday donations and white hats for infant bereavement. Please do NOT send any other plain hats, preemie or newborn size.
  • Sewn fleece hats- The hospitals we support will not use fleece hats on the babies because they make the babies too hot
  • Crochet Octopus – The NICUs we support will not accept the popular crochet Octopus, or any stuffed animal, for use in the baby’s bed.  This is for reasons of infection control and safe sleep protocol.

Third Hand Smoke Policy

In accordance with hospital policies, items from smoking homes will not be donated to hospitals for use in the NICU. Research has proven that tobacco and tobacco smoke clings to furniture, clothes, walls. This is called “third-hand smoke”. “Third-hand smoke” cannot be adequately washed out of fabrics and thus raises the risks for many illnesses in children. Please see the March of Dimes website for more information.

If you smoke or live in a smoking household, please limit your donations to those for our infant bereavement program. We will soak and wash your items to remove smoke odors before donating. But, the items cannot be donated to the NICU.